The city of Edinburgh is a rich and exciting environment to study Advanced Sustainable Design. Compact and easy to get around, Edinburgh offers lots of contrasting places and spaces to explore and work in.

Within Advanced Sustainable Design, we use the city as a laboratory. Our programme is interested in preserving and celebrating the natural world. Throughout Edinburgh, even at the heart of the city, there are places that feel as if you’re in the middle of open country and enable you to appreciate natural habitats.

Our students have been documenting their work in Edinburgh over the last few weeks.


City Farm

Our first week saw students out in Edinburgh exploring the city and looking for places that have real potential for sustainable development.  It’s a great way of getting to know the city and some places off the beaten track.


Team working

Exploring Edinburgh as a group is a great way for programme members to bond. We encourage group working as a means for you all to get skills in working co-operatively towards common goals. Building consensus is really important in producing convincing sustainable strategies.


The City as a project

The outer edges of Edinburgh are growing fast. Our students are looking at how places that have offices and shopping centres can become places that encourage biodiversity and recreation.


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