Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) is engaged in a variety of projects that build and maintain relationships with schools and colleges, with the aim of easing students' transition into their chosen creative degree and providing information, advice and guidance for prospective students, as well as their parents, teachers and careers advisors.

Our events are provided either by ECA, or are in collaboration with other institutions. Throughout the year we offer different events, which will suit a variety of students at differing stages of the application process, so whether you are interested in finding out more about what is available to study at a higher level, or wanting support to develop your portfolio, we have something available to suit your needs.

ECA 2-Day Summer School of Imagination, 1 - 2 August 2018

Hands-on workshops will be combined with career and study advice. Come and explore the different art spaces within and around ECA to find a whole new world of imagination.

The Summer School will allow you to:

  • Learn about Edinburgh’s recent and world-leading artistic history
  • Try out and experiment with a range of different artistic subjects
  • Learn about different arts-related career opportunities
  • Understand what is required to study at ECA
  • Get support with creating and refining your Art and Design portfolios

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    Drawing With Scissors
    Edinburgh College of Art

    "It's very well resourced, and I think we benefit from being in the art school setting. There's a lot of creative professionals, and it's a creative atmosphere."

    Helen Whiteley-McPhee, West Barns Primary School

    ECA Masterclass Series

    We offer a programme of subject-based classes for 5th and 6th year students, which will introduce you to the variety of subjects provided at ECA, including Art, Design, Music, and Art History.

    The sessions are developed and delivered by leading academic staff and will allow insights into student life and the university experience, as well as learning about the wealth of career options that our own students have gone on to pursue. 

    LEAPS Creative Extras

    This is a week-long event hosted by LEAPS (Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools). We are actively involved in the Creative Extras week, alongside Queen Margaret, Edinburgh Napier and Heriot-Watt universities, offering practical workshops, application support through personal statement advice and portfolio development.

    This week is a great opportunity to enhance your experience, portfolio, and ultimately your university application.

    Fowl Play at Edinburgh College of Art
    Image: Neil Hannah
    Fowl Play at Edinburgh College of Art
    Primary school pupils take part in a concrete workshop
    Edinburgh College of Art
    Exploring flexible formwork techniques for a new era of sustainable construction


      ACES (Access to Creative Education in Scotland) is a project which provides encouragement and advice for students who may be under-represented in universities and who are considering applying to art and design-based courses. Throughout Scotland, ACES is provided by:

      • University of Dundee
      • The University of Edinburgh
      • The Glasgow School of Art
      • Robert Gordon University

      Working closely with LEAPS we will provide educational activities and support for young people from targeted schools.

      You can also contact our ACES Project Officer, Jessica Hume:

      ECA staff and PhD Projects

      ECA staff and PhD students lead and deliver a wealth of innovative projects in collaboration with and for primary and secondary schools and colleges regionally, nationally, and internationally.

      View the gallery below to find out about some of our recent projects.