Find out who’s who in Edinburgh College of Art, from our key academic office holders, to members of our management team and our student convenors.


Professor Juan Cruz


Heads of Subject Areas

Head of Subject Area - Art

Susan Mowatt

Head of Subject Area - Design

Mal Burkinshaw

Head of Subject Area - Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Dr Richard Anderson            

Head of Subject Area - History of Art

Prof Carol Richardson        

Head of Subject Area - Music    

Dr Martin Parker                       


Research, Knowledge Exchange and External Engagement

Director of Research Excellence     

Dr Kamini Vellodi          

Director of Research Innovation

Dr Ewa Luger

Director of External Engagement      


Head of Research, Knowledge Exchange and Impact (RKEI)

Eve Equi

Director of Talbot Rice Gallery

Tessa Giblin

Director of Ethics

Dr Lucy Steeds


Study, Student Experience and International

Director of Undergraduate Studies; Interim Convenor of Undergraduate Board of Studies

Dr Jonny Murray

Head of Student Administration and Support Service

Olwen Gorie                  

Director of Education     

Dr Michael Newton

Director of Postgraduate Research

Dr Nichola Dobson

Director of Quality


Director Internationalisation

Dr Miguel Paredes Maldonado

ECA Senior Tutor

Dee Isaacs

ECA Equalities Directors (job share)                            

Emma Gieben-Gamal

Dr Deborah Jackson

ECA Exam Board and Regulations Group

Olwen Gorie

Catriona Grant

Co-ordinator of Adjustments

Dr Becca Hasler

ECA Director of Quality Assurance & Curriculum Approval

Dr Anne Desler



Technology and Professional Services

ECA Technologies Strategy Director

Prof John Lee

Director of Professional Services

Dr Francine Shields

Learning & IT Services Manager

Geoff Lee

Head of Engagement & Communications

Jacqueline Hay


Student Representation

ECA Undergraduate School Convenor

Yasmine Sadek​

ECA Postgraduate School Convenor

Trevin York


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