Find out who’s who in Edinburgh College of Art, from our key academic office holders, to members of our management team and our student convenors.

Principal and Deputy Principal

Head of School / ECA Principal

Professor Chris Breward                              

ECA Deputy Principal    

Stuart Bennett


Heads of Subject Areas

Head of Subject Area - Art

Dean Hughes    

Head of Subject Area - Design  

Dr Juliette MacDonald                                  

Head of Subject Area - Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Suzanne Ewing                 

Head of Subject Area - History of Art

Professor Richard Williams              

Head of Subject Area - Music    

Dr Elaine Kelly                        


Research, Knowledge Exchange and Collections

Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange

Professor Ed Hollis                          

Deputy Director of Research     

Dr Patricia Allmer                  

Director of Outreach     

Dr Martin Parker             

ECA Library and Collections Officer

Gordon Brennan

Head of Research, Knowledge Exchange and Outreach (RKEO)

Eve Equi


Study, Student Experience and International

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Joan Smith   

Head of Undergraduate Teaching Organisation

Olwen Gorie                      

Director of Postgraduate Studies            

Dr Genevieve Warwick                      

Head of Postgraduate Office

Olivia Eadie

Director of Student Experience

Dr Kate Carter

Director of Quality

Dr Jill Burke                        

Director International  

Dr Frances Fowle                                            

ECA Senior Tutor

Dr Dimitris Theodossopoulos

ECA Coordinator of Adjustments                                             

Dr Penny Travlou                            


Technology and Professional Services

ECA Technologies Strategy Director

Dr Ola Uduku

Director of Professional Services

Dr Francine Shields

Head of Technical Learning Services

Alistair Craig

Deputy Director of Professional Services

Judith Miller

Learning & IT Services Manager

Geoff Lee


Student Representation

ECA School Convenor

Han Deacon

ECA Undergraduate School Vice-Convenor

Andy Grace Hayes

ECA Postgraduate Vice-Convenor

Dorothy Li


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