We want to mainstream equality, diversity and inclusion issues and awareness within Edinburgh College of Art. We will do this by supporting and nurturing an inclusive and non-discriminatory working culture. To support our aims we have set up the ECA Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

The committee has evolved out of work focussed on gender equality that led to ECA winning an Athena Swan Bronze Award in May 2017. We are now, however, committed to a wider remit of equality, diversity and inclusion.

The committee is grounded in the ideals of the Equality Act 2010 which recognises nine protected characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation) but also recognizes the intersectional aspects of these characteristics.

The committee brings together staff and students from different areas of ECA, with an interest and expertise in these issues. It will:

  • Take an informed and action-based approach to stimulate and support staff and students to build good practice and innovation in equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the institution.
  • Promote teaching and research by staff and students on issues relating to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Identify, discuss, and advise on ECA policy with regard to ensuring equalities processes and considerations are embedded at all levels including the highest strategic planning and decision-making levels.
  • Take forward the Athena Swan Action Plan which includes measures to monitor ongoing improvement in the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda at ECA. To facilitate this, it will develop a yearly action plan and will oversee its implementation.

The committee reports to the ECA Management Group and the University’s Equality Management Group, through the joint ECA Directors of Equality and Diversity, Emma Gieben-Gamal and Deborah Jackson.

To reflect the inclusive aspirations and commitments of the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda at ECA the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee encourages participation from people with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences and particularly those from minority groups. There are no criteria for membership other than a commitment to the aims and objectives of the Committee.


Co-directors of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: Emma Gieben-Gamal and Deborah Jackson

Dignity & Respect at Work and Study

Equality, diversity and inclusion are central to the University of Edinburgh’s policy on Dignity and Respect.

Examples of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at ECA and the University of Edinburgh