Programme: Design and Applied Art - BA (Hons)

Year: 2005

Artist and designer Siobhan Healy came to Edinburgh College of Art to develop her practice and to explore glass as a medium. Healy is part of the 2018 Edinburgh Art Festival with Biodiversity in collaboration with artist and writer Alisdair Gray. Biodiversity is the culmination of research and development undertaken by Healy over the course of a year as one of our artists in residence.

Tell us about your time at ECA

I chose the Design and Applied Arts programme at ECA because I wanted to develop my practice and explore the medium of glass. I have continued in this field, which has given me a rich and varied career. One of the best outcomes of studying at ECA was that I made some extremely good friends.

In particular, I've retained a friendship with Sami, who I met when she was a third year exchange student. While I was giving a lecture at Harvard University in 2011, she came along to support me, which I truly appreciated, as I was rather nervous about giving a lecture at such an institution.

Siobhan Healy
'Serpulid Reef'

""Be curious, meet people and enjoy life. Learn about yourself and other people. Grow, be open-minded about opportunities that arise and make sure to create your own opportunities as well.""

Siobhan Healy, 2005 Design and Applied Art alumna

Tell us about your experiences since leaving ECA

I currently work as a full-time artist and designer, based at Glasgow Sculpture Studios. My professional achievements include winning the Public Prize of the International Glass Prize in 2012, a triennial competition for arts, design and crafts.

I have travelled to some of the main glass-making hubs around the world such as Pilchuck in the USA and Murano in Venice. As well as this, I have visited really interesting places such as Indonesia and the Galapagos Islands. These locations have gone on to inspire and influence my work on rare species of flora and fauna.

My time spent at ECA afforded me new opportunities to broaden my research into biodiversity and earth sciences under the guidance of specialists. In addition to accessing the University’s botanical and scientific archives and collections, I made regular visits to the Geddes Garden, close to the city centre’s Grassmarket, to explore its protected species of flora. The garden was part of an innovative scheme initiated by Sir Patrick Geddes, a forefather of green politics, whose philosophy today is more relevant than ever.

Alumni wisdom

Be curious, meet people and enjoy life. Learn about yourself and other people. Grow, be open-minded about opportunities that arise and be sure to create your own opportunities as well.

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