The Beast In The Storm - Trailer

"The Beast In The Storm" trailer

Ruaridh McIntosh-Turner, a Film & TV – BA (Hons) student at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), has won the Best Action/Thriller Short at the Los Angeles Independent Film Awards. The award-winning film was his 2nd-year project, The Beast in the Storm.

Ruaridh’s goal for the film was to create something visceral that would give the audience the thrill of a feature film in under 10 minutes, while using as little dialogue as possible. The Beast in the Storm plays on childhood fears and the idea that fear is often more powerful than the things we are afraid of.

The film’s main character is played by first-time actor, 11-year-old Mitchell McGillivray. “Mitchell was the perfect choice for the character because of his familiarity with the area in which he and I grew up,” said Ruaridh, “he has experienced the same fears I had once felt at his age during the harsh winter months in the Highlands.”

Ruaridh collected his award at the ceremony and screening in Los Angeles on the 28th January 2017. His next project, currently in pre-production, is a documentary that will focus on a double-amputee British Army veteran who is preparing for the first Arnold Classic ‘Adaptive’ Strongman competition in Columbus, Ohio.