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Photo of an artwork by an E C A researcher
After your death you will be what you were before your birth (detail)
Kenny Hunter. 2016. Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.
Image courtesy of Kenny Hunter

Narrative/Trace/Physicality is one of four research clusters within the School of Art at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA).

Through their artistic practices, the group members identify with the following approaches to narrative:

Histories - Sequencing - Collecting - Generating

Paint - Print - Draw - Model - Carve - Construct

Accumulation - Repetition - Multiples

Play - Dissect - Experiment - Analyse


Jane Hyslop

Andrea Roe


Gordon Brennan

John Brown

Kevin Dagg

Tolis Giannaras

Catriona Grant

Kenny Hunter

David Maroto

Naomi Pearce

Daphne de Sonneville

Joan Smith

Charlie Stiven


This year, the School of Art Friday Lectures - a public series of talks by leading national and international artists and thinkers - is themed around the School’s research clusters.

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The images on this page are of work by Narrative/Trace/Physicality team members.

Andrea Roe

Trap Neuter Return - or TNR - is a programme for controlling feral cat populations. In 2013, Andrea Roe was funded to travel to Skyros in Greece to work as an assistant to neuter cats with vet, Dr Andrew Gardiner. While there, she filmed the cats and the volunteers working for the Greek Cat Welfare programme.

Kenny Hunter

After your death you will be what you were before your birth. 2016. Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Scotland. Polyester, resin, wood and paint.