ECA Facilities

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) has a wide range of studios and workshop spaces, libraries and collections, places to socialise, perform and show work; all within walking distance of world-class museums, music venues and galleries. Our facilities range from the historic, to contemporary, specialist spaces for making work at all scales, in and across all media. In this directory, you’ll find details of our own facilities, and selected places in the city to be inspired, research, collaborate or gain work experience.

Six purpose-built, acoustically-treated music studios, with tie-lines to a shared recording space.
Edinburgh is home to a number of amateur musical societies, bands, orchestras and dance troupes. Brass & Silver Bands
Individual workstations, dedicated computer facilities, and access to flatbed screen-printing and digital printing.
Resources for History of Art, Art, Architecture and Landscape Architecture students.
An amalgamation of the University's extensive art collection and ECA’s collection of prints, drawings, paintings and sculpture.
Recording equipment is available to students through BookIt, the online booking system.
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More than 500,000 rare books, artworks, scientific artefacts, historically significant musical instruments, and manuscripts.
Work spaces are available across the University. ECA's computers include software tailored to the disciplines studied here.
Sewing machines, irons, overlockers and other clothing production equipment.
The ECA Library includes around 65,000 books, 300 journal titles, and extensive DVD and artists’ books collections.
The eCafé has pleasant views over the Lauriston Place gardens. It serves a range of hot meals, snack items, and hot and cold drinks.
Churches, theatres, and halls across the city provide exciting venues.
Includes a flexible studio space, equipment for location shooting, and several editing facilities.
A fully-equipped hot glass studio containing two furnaces, four glory holes with six benches and four annealing kilns.
Edinburgh College of Art is committed to providing a high standard of health, safety and welfare for all its staff and students.
Over 50 purpose-built workspaces with gas torches, an enamel room, drawing studios and equipment for mould-making, patina application and other processes.
Located in Bristo Square, this building is used annually for graduations. It is also used for examinations and conferences.
Welding torches, a forge, forming and shaping tools, and a 1-ton gantry crane with access to main workshop areas.
The workshop facilities include band saws, pillar drills, sanders and wire-cutters.
This model workshop is equipped for constructing architectural models in a wide variety of materials.
On occasion, Reid School of Music loans audio equipment to outside organisations.
Students have access to wide variety of resources as well as several dedicated collections of musical instruments at the University.
17 practice rooms equipped with pianos, ideal for students requiring a private place for music practice.