The diversity of projects across the College illustrate the variety of ways in which we undertake research in relation to inter-connected themes:

The I’DGO and the Live Music Exchange both engage directly with quite different communities: I’DGO, a project of the OPENspace Research Centre, studies the benefits of engaging with the outdoor environment for the health of the elderly community and has global impact informing the World Health Organisation. The Live Music Exchange studies the cultural and economic significance of live music and provides an exchange between academics and the music industry that informs public policy towards live music.

Our research into the digital includes projects such as TOTeM concerned with the ‘Internet of Things’ and Slippery Chicken, an algorithmic-based tool for combining electronic and instrumental music in composition.

The Sub-Saharan Africa project demonstrates the global reach of our research, undertaking studies into rapid urbanisation and its impact on land-use and housing in this region. Urban work in Mumbai involves a group of graduate students and staff in Architecture who have been working with local professionals and communities in Mumbai as part of a series of research-led teaching programmes that undertake extended and detailed studies of cities worldwide.

The Naked Craft Network draws together the themes of global connections and materiality, studying craft practice across Canada and Scotland. In another example of research led teaching, the material nature of concrete is the subject of a prolonged study, rethinking concrete formwork.

The theme of curation draws on many different strands. Artists Rooms is an innovative, collaborative model for research in contemporary art in which the College works in partnership with Tate, the National Galleries of Scotland and other academic partners. The project ECONOMY examined the effect of economic relationships on our lives, through a series of exhibitions, artist residencies and workshops.

The Scottish Documentary Institute is an internationally acclaimed centre for the study, production and distribution of documentary films. Since its inauguration its staff and students have created many award winning films, including a BAFTA award for I am breathing. Fiction as critical tool in contemporary art explores different modes of writing within the context of contemporary art.