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Remo Pedreschi and Ed Hollis

A diverse community

ECA has a vibrant research community reflecting the diverse expertise of its members and the disciplines it brings together. Based across five schools and numerous research centres, our varied projects use and develop methodologies that can be speculative, process-driven or product-oriented. Our strength is in also fostering rich, creative relationships between investigators and across lines of critical inquiry, leading to both depth and breadth of understanding across art, design, culture, architecture, environments, media and music. Our cross-cutting approach has attracted funding from major providers, including the UK Research Councils and institutions from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in the Arts, Humanities, Science and Medicine.


At ECA, we focus on engaging stakeholders at all stages of our research projects, from shaping initial questions through developing methodologies to sharing findings and recommendations. As a result, our research has achieved substantial impacts on public and institutional policy and professional practice, as well as having raised awareness and understanding among the public. Many of our research projects are site-based: in studios, galleries, museums and concert halls. They also reach beyond cultural institutions and audiences to industry, healthcare, law, education, cities, landscapes and the people they serve.


ECA is home to a number of flagship research centres, including OPENspace, the Scottish Documentary Institute and the Institute for Music in Human and Social Development. Our leading academics are Principal and Co-Investigators on projects bringing together researchers from world-class universities and institutions and published in established international journals. We are dedicated to building capacity and skills among early career researchers, helping them to become leaders in their field and ambassadors for our Institution. We are delighted to have 11 of the University of Edinburgh’s Chancellor's Fellows, all selected for their track record and their potential to drive forward creative, innovative and exciting research.