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Announcing the details of the talks scheduled for the second semester of this academic year.

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Banner for a research seminar series at E C A
The series is part of a lively programme of Music events at ECA
Other events include talks and performances by guests, staff and students
Background image courtesy of Ben Shmulevitch

Announcing the details of the ten Music Research Seminars scheduled for the second semester of 2016 - 2017.

Students producing Edinburgh-themed colouring book for Dragon’s Glen competition.

Announcing the details of the 14 ESALA Research Seminars scheduled for Semester Two.

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The Ciclotaller
Image courtesy of Barrio Chulo

Ella graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design in 2006 and an MDes in 2008. She currently lives in Mexico and teaches Social Design Practice at Tecnologico de Monterry.

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Photo of a student demonstrating a concept for a new product
Elliot explains the concept of his project to passers-by

Product Design student, Elliot Benjamin, makes use of the space to gain feedback for a co-housing project.

Announcing the details of the five AHT seminars scheduled for this semester.

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The Revel 2015
Image courtesy of Ben Shmulevitch

A volunteer army of music lovers is being recruited to take part in the UK’s first ever live music census.

The funded micro-residency is intended to support recent graduates and current students

The Concerts at the University series returns with events through the spring and summer of 2017.