30th March 2017
Talbot Rice Gallery, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh

Graduates are invited to enjoy a tour with curators James Clegg and Stuart Fallon where they will take attendees through two new exhibitions, including "Between poles and tides" which includes work by Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) alumni.

If you would like to join the event, please RSVP to Cara Christie: Cara.Christie@ed.ac.uk

Between poles and tides: New Acquisitions from the University of Edinburgh Art Collection

David Batchelor, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Ilana Halperin, Jessica Harrison, Fabienne Hess, Daniel Hughes, Daisy Lafarge, Jonathan Owen, Katie Paterson, Isobel Turley, Luc Tuymans, JL Williams.

"Between poles and tides" speaks of elemental forces, natural rhythms, destruction, social discord and displacement. Consisting of works recently acquired by the University of Edinburgh Art Collection, the exhibition brings together artists exploring subjects including cosmology, politics and Deep Time, dealing with these concerns in universal, poetic and deeply personal ways. Including works from recent graduates to acclaimed international artists, "Between poles and tides" showcases the critical, imaginative and pedagogic possibilities opened up by the University’s new approach to collecting.

Following the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art merger in 2011, the Art Collection was rejuvenated. With the aim of supporting research, teaching and public engagement, works are acquired from the annual ECA Degree Show and from notable alumni. As a result, the Collection has significantly expanded to become a resounding celebration of the creative community in Edinburgh.

Kate V Robertson (2017) Object(hood)

In the last two decades there has been a breakdown of the traditional distinction between a subject and an object, with an increasing focus on the 'thing' as a mediator in both human and non-human relationships. In this ambitious exhibition by Kate V Robertson, this contemporary way of thinking is manifested by a large sculptural cabinet that emanates moving-images and spoken word derived from eight unique things from the University of Edinburgh’s collections. Also including creative written responses, Object(hood) echoes encounters between these things and writers, academics and the artist, allowing fascinating historical artefacts to physically connect with the ripples of meaning they have engendered.

Featuring one object each week, the exhibition will reinvent itself around the history and innate properties of the selected things. They include: a brain coral, a Gandharan sculpture fragment, a large mannequin head cast by Eduardo Paolozzi, an anatomical eye model, a Bersag Horn, a large conch trumpet, the figure of Mercury and a death mask of Isaac Newton.