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Handling session at Beauty by Design
Beauty by Design at the National Portrait Gallery
A handling session and making workshop for people with visual impairments
Image courtesy of Sam Rutherford

How people with visual impairments have responded to a research-led exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

An exhibition exploring how art education developed at Edinburgh College of Art during the 20th Century.

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Hawkins Brown University of Oxford Biochemistry building
Image courtesy of Professor Fiona McLachlan

Research team are interviewing academics across a range of disciplines who are either teaching or researching aspects of colour.

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Kenny Hunter, Programme Director of Sculpture, with his commissioned work
Image courtesy of Ben Shmulevitch

The new ECA web interns, Alice Chandler (words) and Ben Shmulevitch (images), record the unveiling of the new Andrew Grant Memorial.

Nothing New Under the Sun 1

Image courtesy of Ben Shmulevitch

A temporary exhibition created by students and led by Sir Jonathan Mills during Innovative Learning Week.


Image Courtesy of Emma Webster

Awards will fund studies to make festivals more environmentally-sustainable and to connect pier communities.

Find answers to common questions about the MSc Digital Composition and Performance and how to apply.

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Image courtesy of Dr Jules Rawlinson

In order to broaden the students' artistic horizons we have at least one visiting artist/group per semester.

CCCF is a festival of events organised by the University of Edinburgh Careers Service taking place from 2nd - 6th March 2015.

Marcin Pietruszewski graduated from the MSc in Digital Composition and Performance in 2013.