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Daniel Johnston's "Hi, How Are You" mural in Austin, Texas
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Reid School of Music students launch film club for music documentaries.

Palacio de Liria (Madrid).png

Palacio de Liria, Madrid, some of the interior of which Edwin Lutyens designed for reconstruction
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Iñigo Basarrate González de Audikana’s essay comes runner-up in ARTES competition.

History of Art staff member receives award at a French Ministry of Culture ceremony.

Chinese Map by Qijing Li

Illustrated map of Endurance expedition by QiJing Li
The Endurance expedition told using a Chinese Map
Image courtesy of QiJing Li

Exploring Sir Ernest Shackleton's "Endurance" expedition through illustrated maps.

Henry VIII - 2.png

Portrait of King Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger
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Dr Catriona Murray explains the role of propaganda in 17th-century visual culture

Antony C Wolffe CHESKIN 3 960 x 610.jpg

Antony C Wolffe with his City of Edinburgh medal
Antony C Wolffe with his City of Edinburgh Medal for Civic Design
Image courtesy of David Cheskin

Architect, Antony C Wolffe, awarded City of Edinburgh medal after a 70 year wait.


Richard Williams

ESALA is pleased to announce the programme for this semester's Architectural History/Theory seminar series.

The 2014 NSS results show an overall satisfaction rating of 92% amongst students studying Music.

Announcing a range of postgraduate scholarships and bursaries available to Reid School of Music students.

Dr Michele Ducceschi will be affiliated with the NESS group.