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Bunting for The Tin Forest 960 x 610.jpg

Photograph of bunting for The Tin Forest
The Tin forest is a statement of belief in the power of locals to bring about positive change in their community
Image courtesy of Dee Isaacs

Collaboration with the University of Athens sees students travel to the Greek capital.


Dimitri with Vi

Dimitri is the designer of Vi, a device which enables children with hearing impairments to experience music in a way that is both tactile and visual.

Gigi Mariani and Maria Rosa Franzin.png

Gigi Mariani and Maria Rosa Franzin
Gigi Mariani and Maria Rosa Franzin
Image courtesy of Shannon Tofts

Staff at ECA teamed up with the ICI for the events which took place in both Edinburgh and North Berwick.


Detail of work by Gemma Leamy
Detail of work by Gemma Leamy

ECA is delighted to announce a scholarship open to applicants for the postgraduate Glass – MA programme.

JEWLLERY(MFA)_Wanshu_Li02 960 x 610.jpg

Photo of a piece of jewellery
From Wanshu Li's 'Go with the Glow'
Wanshu has had a piece bought by the National Museum of Scotland
Image courtesy of Shannon Tofts

Seventeen BA (Hons) and MFA students will be exhibiting at this year’s new talent showcase.

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Photo of a curator and student
Frances Fowle (r) with PhD student Anahit Behrooz
Frances is the Lead Curator on ‘Inspiring Impressionism: Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh’

We talk to ECA’s International Director, Frances Fowle, about ‘Inspiring Impressionism: Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh’.

_ALS4389 Childrens winner Ailsa and PRH Anna Billson 960 x 610.jpg

Photo of a prize winner with a judge
Ailsa Johnson (right) with Anna Billson, Children's Art Director at Penguin Random House
Image courtesy of Penguin Random House

Ailsa Johnson is awarded a work placement and £1,000 by Penguin Random House.

Haley Turner IMG_0457 960 x 610.jpg

Photo of a musicology student
Haley is a Bachelor of Arts in Music graduate from the USA
Her final project is a dissertation on the Scottish music industry

We talk to Musicology student, Haley, about her research into the Scottish music industry.

Catharine and Matluba 960 x 610.jpg

Photo of an award winner with her prize
Matluba (left) with her Great Places Award at the EDRA conference
She is pictured with OPENspace Director, Catharine Ward Thompson
Image courtesy of OPENspace

Matluba Khan’s outdoor classroom scoops the EDRA and PPS Place Design Award 2016.

fashionantextiles (16) Gareth Easton 960 x 610.jpg

The Sculpture Court during Degree Show
Textiles on display in our historic Sculpture Court during Degree Show 2016
Combined with Performance Costume pieces, the work transformed the space into a riot of colour, pattern and texture
Image courtesy of Gareth Easton

Wins include a Burberry Scholarship for Matthew Barber.