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Work by Dongsun Lee, used with permission from La Galerie 1940

Dongsun Lee is using the technology to create unique work

In five new videos PGR students from each of ECA's Schools talk about their research topics and their experience of ECA.

Falling Walls Lab Matluba Kahn 001 cropped.jpg

Falling Walls Lab Edinburgh 2014 participants
Falling Walls Lab Edinburgh 2014 coordinator & participants
Matluba Khan seated right
Image courtesy of the Institute of Academic Development

ESALA PhD candidate set for Berlin, having won Falling Walls Lab Edinburgh 2014.

Emelie Westerlund awarded €3,000 and her work featured at international exhibition.

NSS student survey_cropped.jpg

Photo of students in studio
Photography: Laurence Winram

Positive message from National Student Survey.


Radio as Art symposium, Bremen 2014
Photo Angeline Girard

In June, MSc Sound Design student Angeline Girard attended the Radio as Art Symposium.

Tessa Lynch at Jupiter Artland | 17th July - 28th September 2014

ESALA’s Kate Carter part of successful multidisciplinary team.

Almost half of a surveyed 9,000+ participants have a first language other than English; 50% have never studied music formally before.

ECA works with vibrant youth orchestra on international music project.