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Matthew Barber and Emma Mitchell win the 3-week bag design project
Image courtesy of Jutexpo

Emma Mitchell and Matthew Barber win the 3-week project

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Milk glass, opaque blown, cut & polished glass, with platinum enamel
Image courtesy of Dr Jessamy Kelly

Dr Jessamy Kelly, a lecturer in Glass, describes her experience at the Rona Glass Factory, and the work she created there.


Pisanello, "Luxuria", ca. 1426
Source: Wikimedia Commons

History of Art Lecturer’s work highlighted in index of women in the Middle Ages

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Shortlist of project ideas up for public vote.


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Alessandro has curated the ‘Introduction to Fashion Studies’ course at Cornerhouse


Lichtsuchende Installation at Hidden Door 2014
Light-seeking robot flowers installed in Vault 13 at Hidden Door Festival 2014
Image credit Chris Scott @chrisdonia

Dave Murray-Rust & Rocio von Jungenfeld are presenting 'Lichtsuchende' in Ghent (Belgium) in November.


Image courtesy of Allison Palenske

Go Abroad Fund gives Allison Palenske opportunity to investigate urban agriculture methods


Image courtesy of Feranda Veron

How to Build a Body Without Organs exhibition curated by Alessandro Bucci

Ludwig Hilberseimer’s Metropolisarchitecture reviewed by Jack Self