At Edinburgh College of Art our aim is to promote internationalism and diversity in everything we do. As the University’s cultural and creative hub (specialising in Art, Architecture & Landscape Architecture, Design, Music and History of Art), we work to extend our global influence in the following ways:

In our teaching and research. Staff and students from all corners of the world come to Edinburgh to teach and to study, thanks to our world-class resources and reputation as a leading international research faculty.  Here you will find the opportunity to work and to learn alongside students from across the globe. 

Through international exchange. We encourage our students and staff to study and teach abroad, with the aim of broadening their minds, improving their employability and acting as ambassadors for the university. In return, we welcome visiting students to Edinburgh as one of the ways to promote a multicultural learning environment for all our staff and students.

Through international collaboration. We support international networks and partnerships for collaborative teaching and research with other institutions around the world, to promote a worldwide sharing of knowledge, and to strengthen the global outreach of our work. Every year we welcome distinguished scholars, architects, artists and musicians from around the world to Edinburgh to work with our staff and students.

Through our postgraduate community. Postgraduate research at Edinburgh College of Art is supported by world-class resources in art, music, architecture and design, drawing on both the university and the city of Edinburgh in its internationally-renowned libraries, museums and galleries, archives, university collections, and built heritage. Many of our postgraduates go on to take up roles in universities, conservatoires and art galleries around the world.

Through the city and the University. As the face of the University’s culture and creative arts, Edinburgh College of Art is at the centre of a city which is famous for its international arts scene. Host to the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Film Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (the largest arts festival in the world), this beautiful capital city is a world heritage site. The University plays an important part in the life of the city where staff, students and visitors have the opportunity to participate in a range of innovative cultural activities.