The Reid School of Music has a range of practice instruments available.

The following are available to students of Edinburgh College of Art for practice or hire:

  • Organs

The University currently owns four organs, three of which are available for practice:

  • A 21-stop 2-manual German organ in the Reid Concert Hall built by Jürgen Ahrend in 1978;
  • An experimental organ of unequal temperament in Lecture Room B, Alison House;
  • A small practice 2-manual pipe organ on the ground floor of Alison House.

To enquire about practice organs, please contact Dr John Kitchen:

  • Harpsichords

There are three harpsichords available for student practice (two single-manual, one double-manual).

To enquire about practice harpsichords, please contact Dr John Kitchen:

Hiring early musical instruments

Early instruments from the Musical Instruments Museum available for hire (for legitimate instrument practice only) include:

  • Baroque violin
  • Treble, tenor and bass violas
  • Crumhorn
  • Wide-bore Renaissance recorder

Please note, the Reid School of Music does not have any orchestral instruments available for hire.

To enquire about early instruments available for hire, please contact Dr Jenny Nex:

Practice facilities

17 practice studios with pianos are available to students, too.

Further information

Please contact or 0131 650 2427 with any queries.