We are delighted to announce the details of the 14 ESALA Research Seminars scheduled for the second semester of 2016 - 2017.

Seminars take place at 1pm on Wednesdays in either the Elliot Room, Minto House (Chambers Street), or Lecture Hall B, David Hume Tower (George Square). See individual listings for details, as this semester features a number of special events, including an 'In conversation' event (on Thursday 16th February) with this year's George Simpson Visiting Professors, Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu.

Everyone is welcome; please contact Dr Katerina Antonopoulou, Simpson Postdoctoral Fellow in Architecture, if you have any questions or do not have a University staff/student card (for access).



18th January 2017

Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos

Spatial Justice: the violence of space

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25th January 2017

Nick Dunn

Dark Futures: the loss of night in the contemporary city?

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1st February 2017

Nat Chard

Devices of Indeterminacy

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15th February 2017

Stephen Graham

Vertical noir: Histories of the future in urban science fiction

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Thursday 16th February 2017

Wang Shu | Lu Wenyu

In conversation

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1st March 2017

Sukanya Krishnamurthy

Public spaces and urban collective cultures

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15th March 2017

Andrew Herscher

Black and Blight

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22nd March 2017

Luis Callejas

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Friday 24th March 2017

Tina Di Carlo

Exhibiting Architecture

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29th March 2017

Marc Schoonderbeek

Architectural Adjacencies: the dérive, mapping and 2.5D

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5th April 2017

Peter Salter

Walmer Yard: Housing

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Thursday 6th April 2017

Maria Theodorou

The Enchantment of Things: Architects (dis)engagement with Space


3rd May 2017

Hugo Hinsley

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10th May 2017

Niall Hobhouse

Collections: Buildings and Drawings


About the ESALA Research Seminar series

A vibrant research culture of inquiry and investigation runs through ESALA’s various subject areas.  Our seminar series supports this by bringing scholars engaged in important research to ESALA in order to present their work and discuss it with the school community. 

Recognising the rich interdisciplinarity of research interests across ESALA, the series welcomes speakers from a wide range of fields. Recent presentations range across topics that include: the etchings of Alexander Brodsky; the geological turn in contemporary art and philosophy; site-specific robotic fabrication; building materials and national identities; the urban photography of Thomas Struth; architectural globalisation in the late Cold War; time, space and the infrastructure of high-frequency trading; underwater architectures; the neoliberal baroque; and cinema and boredom.

Last semester we welcomed the following eight guest speakers:

28th September 2016

Douglas Spencer

Affect and Individuation: Architecture and Experience in the Culture of Neoliberalism


5th October 2016                            

Adam Bobbette

Cultures of Forecasting, Nature, and the Uncertainty of the Future

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12th October 2016          

Glyn Davis

Waiting for something to happen: cinema and endurance

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19th October 2016          

Isabelle Doucet

Architecture and Resistance: Within or against?

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26th October 2016          

Anthony Auerbach

Reading Material: inscription, erasure, reconnaissance

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2nd November 2016      

Pablo Martinez

Andrea Branzi and the "Città senza Architettura": From the No-Stop City to Weak Urbanization Models

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9th November 2016       

Linda Matthews

Pixel Versus Line: From the Digital Image to the Architectural Surface

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16th November 2016

Philip Goad

Marks on the Land, Crossing Currents: Identity and Australian Architecture

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Last year, we welcomed 23 guests to speak to us over the course of two semesters, including Geddes Visiting Fellows, Anuradha Mathur (University of Pennsylvania), Dilip da Cunha (Harvard University) and Mark West (University of Manitoba), and Simpson Visiting Professor, Barry Bergdoll (Columbia University).

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